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Your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on your insurance plan and on the type of surgery and length of hospital stay, among other things.

Unfortunately, weight loss surgery is not covered in the public health system on most occasions. Only a few tens of surgeries are performed yearly in New South Wales. The most affordable option on the market is to have a gold coverage with a private health insurer or add weight loss surgery to your extras.

Check with your insurer that you are covered for weight loss surgery using the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) – Item number: 31575, that corresponds to sleeve gastrectomy. Being covered for this surgery means that you are covered for other weight loss surgeries as well. Though you are covered, you might have to pay a gap fee over your private health insurance coverage.

Please note that you will have to be enrolled at the right coverage level for 12 months before the insurer will cover the cost of weight loss surgery.

Alternatively, you can apply for the release of your superannuation to cover for the price of surgery or your gap fee.

We have put together a very affordable package at Holroyd Private Hospital.

Please call us to learn more about your options.