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Bariatric physician / obesity non-surgical specialist review

Obesity is a complex disease, which needs holistic approach. Different medical and surgical approaches needed to achieve good level of weight control and management. Surgery is a tool that needs to be properly performed ( surgeons job) and needs to be used properly ( patient’s job). My role as Bariatric physician is to oversee the journey from the start, and continue as long as possible, making sure that we are on the right track. We understand that the choice of bariatric surgery can be difficult, we are here to help. I do realise that everybody has busy life and too many follow up could be a burden, but it is quite essential for your long term wellbeing. The other issue I will help you with is to tackle the issue of weight regain in the long term. 


Unfortunately obesity surgery is not allowed in the public hospitals, apart from very small numbers performed at few NSW public hospitals, which is quite insignificant considering the number of patient needing surgery, basically talking about 20 – 30 patient per-year. The most affordable way is to have high cover private fund, but you need to wait twelve month before accessing the fund. It will be quite prudent to check with your health fund making sure that you are covered. basically ask them if you covered for Bariatric or obesity surgery, quote the item number ( 31575 ) which is for sleeve gastrectomy, if you have cover for it you will be covered for any other obesity surgery. You will need to pay gap over you health cover, for further information you could call our secretary. The other option is coming as self insured patient to private hospital. You could apply for early release of your superfund or find any other ways of financing it. We managed to put together very affordable package at Holroyd private hospital


Please note – you will need a referral from your doctor (GP)

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