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Hernia Surgery

A hernia occurs when the bowels or fatty tissue protrude through the abdominal wall, which normally contains it.

The most common type of hernia is inguinal hernia, which is caused by fatty tissue or a part of the intestine poking into the groin at top of the inner thigh.

In many cases, hernias are possible to see and/or feel. Hernias usually do not get better on their own, and surgery might be the only way to repair them.

Hernia surgery is a common procedure, and it can be conducted in two main ways:

1. Open surgery – a single large cut in your belly at the location of the hernia. The protruding tissue is put back in place and the abdominal wall is stitched back together.

2. Laparoscopic surgery- small surgical instruments are inserted through small cuts in your belly to complete the procedure as described above.

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